Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'll turn it around!

I've been lazy. Summer vacation has officially started for me and I've been taking full advantage by being a bum. As a result my blog has obviously suffered. I'm getting back into the groove and will start being more productive...right after this nap...I kid, I kid.

Yesterday's show was all about cover song! (Yeah Boy! imagine, of course, in Flava Flav's voice) While researching and looking for songs within my own collection I stumbled on tons of covers. I found this amazing video of Alanis Morrisette on You tube. I've been laughing ever since!

I definitely will be doing another cover show in the future.

Here is yesterday's playlist and link to the podcast

Peanut Butter Wolf - Umbrellas
Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
Bilal - High & Dry
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Inspiration Information
The Bird and The Bee (feat Sia) - How Deep is Your Love
Seu Jorge - Rebel Rebel
Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley - Turn Your Lights Down Low
Nouvelle Vague - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone (feat Dear Nora) - Hot Boyz
Skye Edwards - Feel Good
Bill Horist - Cello Song
Hollywood Mon Amore (feat Skye Edwards) - Call Me
Always Seem To Get Things Wrong - Willie Nelson

Last weekend in Pasadena there was the annual sidewalk festival. I took photos of the best (or what I thought to be the best) chalk drawings. Enjoy! Until next week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

It Happens (shrugging)

Short show today, as I was having technical difficulties, and if you were listening live I apologize for the repeated looping of Cold Cave. I guess I won't be playing that song anytime soon! Along with the short show there will be a short blog. But I will be posting again sometime soon...this weekend...stay tuned!

Abbreviated playlist. Podcast link soon to follow.

Daedelus - Penny Loafers (feat. Inara George)
Toro y Moi - New Beat
Janelle Monae - Wondaland
MGMT - Electric Feel
Friendly Fires - Show Me Lights
Gorillaz - Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
Quadron - Average Fruit
Bloc Party - Sunday
Passion Pit - The Reeling
Cold Cave - Confetti

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good News, bad news

Good morning my eager little bunnies!!!

Last week I complained about having to go to a  wedding. Although the wedding was uber fancy ( i tend to cringe when I have to rock heels esp at weddings) it was pretty fun! It was at the Four Season Hotel in Santa Barbara. I've been to many nice weddings, but not one with a four course meal and different wine selection for each course AND a "butler" for each table.

The food was exquisite, I can still taste the Chilean sea bass and wasabi potatoes. There was even a dessert bar...needless to say if I do have a wedding I'm not going to invite any of the people who went to that one. I can't afford such luxury, I had always planned a backyard BBQ since I hate planning large events lol. Who's bring the potato salad????

Goes to show, keep an open mind and there is no telling the amount of fun to be had. Lesson learned.

I know my blog is super plain and very unexciting. I apologize for my minimal effort. I feel esp bad when I check out the blogs of others that are so engaging. I'm FINALLY done with finals so after catching up with sleep this weekend I'll start to work on the blog. You lovely folks deserve it!

To all my local Los Angeles fans, the Tim Burton exhibit has opened! I can't urge you enough to take the time to go see it. It's twisted and stunning and Tim Burton is my new art hero. I've always liked him, but it's awesome to know that you can become famous off morbid thoughts. There is hope for me yet. Anywho you can RSVP on the LACMA website. I saw it opening weekend at MOMA in New York. I would definitely aim for an non busy weekend, so holiday weekends no bueno.

Here is this weeks playlist. I will post the itunes link as soon as it's available. Last week I was having technical difficulties so last weeks podcast was available kind of late in the day, but I'll get that link up as well. Remember I can always be streamed live from 8am-9am EST on  Have a wonderful weekend!

Belle & Sebastian - If She Wants Me
Bent - So Long Without You
Buzzcocks - Even Fallen In Love?
Cat Power - The Greatest
Coconut Records - Nightiming
Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
Death Cab For Cutie - We Looked Like Giants
Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini
Gang Gang Dance - MindKilla
Gil Scott-Heron - I think I'll Call It Morning
Maximum Balloon Feat. Aku - Tiger
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Holding Hands in the Shower
Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding Season

It's that dreaded time of year season.

Not to sound bitter or anything, but I hate weddings. I can't even really figure out why, but I really hate them. I going to one this weekend in Santa Barbara, great location and it should be fun...

I'll try to make the best of it. And before I get hate mail, I don't even want my own wedding! I hate having to sit through them so I don't want to subject anyone else to my own. I've always felt like those type of moments should be private. An expression of commitment that deep is special. It seems showy to do it in front of others, almost like you're bragging. I kind of feel the same way about funerals. Not so much the funeral it's self but the people who flop around and throw themselves upon the casket. I don't know it seems showy and over done.

Grief is powerful, at times more so than love, but at a funeral it's about the person who's going to to be buried not about the person rolling around on the ground in front of them. It's distracting.

Where was I going with that?

Oh yeah, I hate weddings. They are like funerals.

But of course I'm with a sentimentalist who wants a "small" one. Good luck! There is no such thing as a small wedding in Black and Mexican weddings (I'm black, he's Black&Mexican). We both have too many people in our families not to mention friends!!! If you fail to invite someone their will be hell to pay! And with minorities everyone shows, invited or not.

I'm getting a headache thinking of it.

Anywho, I need to pack.

Playlist for today, enjoy!
F.Y.I. you have to scroll down a bit to find mine, but it's there! June 3, 2011

Toro y Moi - Still Sound
Daedelus - Penny Loafers (feat. Inara George)
Gorillaz - Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
Little Dragon - My Step
MGMT - Electric Feel
Quadron - Average Fruit
Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
Yeasayer - Tightrope
Bloc Party - The Prayer
Feist - Intuition
Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers
Matt & Kim - Daylight
Jack Penate - Tonight's Today
Empire of the Sun - Standing on the Shore
Sia - Electric Bird