Friday, July 8, 2011

No One Noticed

So last week I was freaking out because I played a song by Maximum Balloon that had the word "shit" in it. I've listened to the song dozen of times, but never noticed it. It's mostly likely because I cuss so much and I'm  so vulgar in my everyday life, that I don't notice, rather gloss over many vulgarities in music. Anywho I swore I was going to be dismissed from this voluntary  "mixologist" gig (btw who came up with the term mixologist. I feel like I should be mixing cocktails) but figured it was a good nine week run.

BUT NO ONE NOTICED!!!! I received no warnings, no looks of disappointment, no threatening emails, not even a text from my mother, who inadvertently taught me how to cuss before she became saved. NOTHING. Which made me realize that one no one listens to my show, two people didn't notice, or three people did notice and just don't care. So fuck it. I'm definitely not going to continue to monitor my language on my blog. Since no one is listening. Don't worry I'm not Debbie Downer. I get off playing decent music on the radio. I don't care if you listen or not. Just knowing I'm putting out in the universe makes me tingly.

Moving on. This week I've been syncing audio to past Oprah episodes (it's part of this freelance job I picked up.) Most of the tapes I've received have been from 1989 with commercials included! I've been zipping back and forth from the present to my childhood. One thing I've realized is that Oprah is bitchy, but in a delightfully funny way. She always has these sarcastic quips. But in the course of a week of watching 17 hours of Oprah I've gotten advice on how to spice up my married sex life from various internationals, how to apply make-up, fashion trends of 89 (I'm not even going to get into it), effects of divorce and cheating on daughters, what men really think about Oprah, and racism in America. But my fave so far has been Maya Angelou and Alice Walker for obvious reasons, phenomenal women, amazing writers.

Anywho I grow tired of this typing. I'm going back to bed. Here's the list:

Empire of the Sun - We Are the People
Aya - Looking for the Sun
Belle and Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo
Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
Raphael Saadiq - Just Don't
Zero 7 - Swing
Ra Ra Riot - Too Too Fast
Portishead - All Mine
Nina Simone -  Mr. Bojangles
Platinum Pied Pipers - No Worries
Michael Jackson - Human Nature
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

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