Friday, July 22, 2011

So Sleepy, So Tired

I wonder, do I always sound like a wet blanket when I talk about how tired I am by the end of the week? I don't mean to sound like a retiree, but I'm TIRED! Currently I'm on summer vacation from school, but I work full-time along with taking classes and side projects to learn  the Adobe Suite, and videography. By Friday my mind is jello, I then get up at 4:30am to play music for an hour (which I enjoy) and then do one of the following options: get ready for work, go back to sleep for an hour then go to work, or clean my house. Depending on the week my boyfriend will decide we need to go out after work and on those Fridays I usually don't go to bed until 2 in the morning. When I ignore his phone calls, I go to bed by 11 the latest. Still a pretty long day after a very long week.

This weekend is bitter sweet. The boy toy is moving from Pasadena ( a mere 15 mins. from my current dwelling) to San Jose (let's add another 5 HOURS to that commute.) At first I was encouraging and happy for his move due to the job promotion that prompted the move. Now sitting among the boxes and the bare walls of his apartment, I'm doing all I can not to have a panic attack. I know once he's gone I'll be ok, it's just the count down that's killing me now...72hours, 40min, 27 Monday the accessibly of our relationship will be cut down to almost nil...for a year at least as I push through to finish school. 

I'm going to miss him being so close, and I'm fearful that other means of communication will slowly tear us apart. I hate talking on the phone and so does he. I've never been good with Keeping in Touch. We've already worked out an almost divorce-like visitation schedule. Our relationship is pretty solid, but time and distance is a challenge that we haven't had to deal with, well time yes. We've been looking for that space and time vacuum, but have yet to find it. Oh well. 

It blows to have someone always right there and then they are gone. Ok done being Debbie Downer, here's this week's playlist: I know on the show I mentioned Portugal. The Man but it didn't play and I didn't notice (still packing) So sorry will try again next week.

1. Milo Greene - 1957
2. Radiohead - Lotus Flower
3. Little Dragon - Ritual Union (Tensnake Remix)
4. The Horrors -Still Life
5. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
6. TV on the Radio - Will Do
7. Zero 7 - Swing
8. Mayer Hawthorne - A Long Time 
9. Gomez - Catch Me Up
10. Jamiroquai - Seven Days in Sunny June
11. LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change
12. Jill Scott w/ 4Hero - Another Day (Gotta Get Up)


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